Is a Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle Okay During Pregnancy?

Most people don’t budge when the mention of being began or vegetarian is made, but when the words come from the mouth of a pregnant woman, it seems that things change considerably, and the ordinarily live-and-let live individuals are in a frenzy, rushing to tell her that she is hurting her unborn child with her nutrition habits. Is the worry and concern nullified, or is it simply another of the pregnancy myths that leave so many with wrong information?

A vegetarian or a vegan lifestyle is one free of dairy and meat products. Vegans avoid eating anything animal-made. The concern comes from a potential lack of protein in the diet since meats are discluded from the meal plan. There is also risk for other vitamin deficiencies, such as Iron and B12. But, the truth is, a pregnant woman who maintains a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can have a healthy pregnancy resulting in a full-term, healthy baby boy or girl.

Thanks to an ever-changing list of foods available to consumers, any pregnant woman can maintain great eating habits that ensure a healthy pregnancy. The key is proper meal-planning, knowing what you should eat, and maintaining constant communication with your OBGYN.

Together with the prenatal vitamin that is taken during pregnancy, a vegetarian or vegan diet will satisfy the nutritional needs of mother and child the entire nine months of pregnancy. So, leave those worries behind, and enjoy your pregnancy as you should. Plan your meals properly, take your prenatal vitamin, and prepare for one of life’s sweetest events in a few short months.