The Breakfast Burger

Andrew Zurica of Hard Times Sundaes, well-known baron of all things fried, has presented his newest creation at Urbanspace Vanderbilt: the Breakfast Burger. In comparison to all of the triple-patty-loaded, cheese-bleeding machinations of the past that have made him famous, the Breakfast Burger is strikingly understated. While most of his creations have been known for striking the eyes with almost as much of an impact as the taste buds, the breakfast burger is relatively humble.

At one point in time, even Zurica himself was skeptical at the idea that he’d ever be the one to unveil such a thing as a creation of his own. Zurica has said on multiple occasions that his purist heart as a cook would forbid him from ever using eggs for anything other than breakfast; however, despite his adamant declaration against using eggs for anything other than the first meal of the day, the breakfast burger was born nonetheless.

The breakfast burger features two pan-fried eggs, swimming in butter and joining two layers of bacon and cheese to blanket a beef patty in the middle. All of the burger’s elements are hugged between two poppy-seed Kaiser rolls.

Some have considered it a true burger with a sunrise twist, but to Zurica, his creation is merely a traditional egg sandwich has adopted a burger patty. Keeping true to his famous purism, the breakfast burger can only be purchased between the hours of 8 a.m. (9 a.m. on weekends) and 11 a.m.