Coffee Shop Hacking

Bulletproof coffee isn’t just your average caffeinated morning drink. Although it shares many commonalities with the hot beverage that can be bought on so many street corners across the country this drink and this company is different. The founder of this company has some big celebrity endorsement that will gladly attest to how this coffee in particular can and will make you feel Bulletproof. If you have never heard of biohacking then you may be in for a bit of a shock.
Dave Asprey estimate that there are about 100,000 biohackers worldwide and it is safe to say that he is well known among them. Asprey has a morning routine that puts a whole new spin on doing drugs and he’s not ashamed to tell us all about it. In his book The Bulletproof Diet on his podcast Bulletproof Radio he shares with anyone who will download and listen he he overcame the obstacles in his life, like being a jerk. After years of business success his personal opinion of himself was less than ideal, overweight and under-enlightened he invested his personal income from a company buy out into his mind and body. In the form of consultants and testing on every thing from brain waves to excersise. Asprey eliminated what he calls “Kryptonite” foods and consumed 4,500 calories a day shedding pounds along the way.
After a 2004 trip to Nepal and a taste of yak-butter tea the idea for bulletproof coffee was born, but there was no fast track in sight. Years of research fueled by Asprey‘s sleep-hacking technique led him to low mold beans and grass fed butter. It wasn’t until 2013 that this small idea grew in strength by word of mouth and became a full time job that now employees 20 people.
You may be closer to this new phenomenon than you realize, Bulletproof Coffee hopes to one day be as well known and as widely available as any other coffee company. With their first location coming to life in Santa Monica I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find lots of additional biohack technology being put to use in retail form.