Flamin’ Hot Cheetoes is the Latest Thanksgiving Food Hack

November is a great time for people to try out new recipes. That’s because it’s a month centered around Thanksgiving, the biggest feasting holiday of the year. Each year towards the end of the month, families all over gather around a table to enjoy each others company and feast on turkey. After countless years of the same thing, some families start to get bored. That’s where fun food hacks related to turkey come into play! You don’t have to serve the same dish each and every year.

According to Eater, a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos was just one of the Thanksgiving food hacks that took the internet by storm. In this hack, all you have to do is crush up Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Then coat the turkey and bake it. It’s a fun take on an old tradition. You’ll just have to make sure your guests are okay with spicy food first!

If not, there are plenty of other turkey hacks. You can choose a different form of chips such as Doritos, Fritos, and more. These also make great toppings for other popular Thanksgiving dishes such as green bean casserole, mac and cheese, and more.

Overall, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be the same traditional meal that it’s been for years. It also doesn’t have to be boring. Thanksgiving should be a time when people can take chances with their food. Afterall, they’ll have all of their friends and families around who can give advice and be honest critics. The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey took the internet by storm this year. As time goes by, these trends and hacks are only going to get more adventurous. It’s because people are more inclined to take chances with their food. It’s been seen at restaurants across the globe. Two people are combining two food items into one. Now that people see it can be done in their home, the possibilities are endless.