Dining at Italiano’s, Texas, and Terallucci e Vino – Upper West Side, NYC

Perhaps the garlic flavored rolls were a family favorite on the Sunday table of your Italian ancestors, or perhaps they are a new dining treat discovered among the Italian treasures offered at Italiano’s Restaurants in Humble, Texas. It really makes no difference. The warm fragrance and addictive texture of this specialty will delight the moment and promise a future of authentic Italian dining . That’s what Italiano’s is all about. It also doesn’t matter if the occasion is a large gathering in the banquet hall in Humble, or dinner at a table for two in the restaurant. The smells and spices used by generations of family cooks will bring flavor to sauces and pastas that have been sampled and perfected through the years. They offer a taste blend of oils, tomatoes, cheese, spicy sausage, and herbs that kindle memories and relax the stress of the day. It has also been determined that they offer good things for the body and perhaps, even, prolong life. An evening of authentic Italian dining is an evening that touches the heart of a culture, and those that serve you with the smile of family, know that it is good!

There are two Italiano’s Restaurants near Humble, Texas. The original is at Humble, and a second one, recently opened and offering the same authentic cuisine, is nearby in Atascocita, one of the fastest growing communities in America. Both serve lunch and dinner at affordable prices, and Humble has a large catering and take out service. There is also a banquet hall next to the Humble restaurant which seats an additional 150 people and has space for a musical group. This is extremely popular for larger parties and celebrations. The restaurant seats about 100. Excellent help is available for planning a larger activity, with care taken to preserve meaningful Italian family traditions.

Far to the East, in America’s largest city, a cook is taking the same care while using the oils and spices of Italian cooking to create an authentic dish to serve the customers of Tarallucci e Vino– Upper West Side. This restaurant is a part of five Tarallucci e Vino restaurants in NYC that bring a taste of the specially flavored dishes that have been served in Italy for years. They also reflect the warm, caring ambience that is the spirit of those who cooked and dined. There is an old Italian saying that all problems can be solved with a Tettucci (Italian cookie) and a glass of cool wine from the fragrant countryside. Upper West Side Restaurant on Columbus St. joins the four other locations that serve special pastries and entries to keep alive the unique dining experience. Several of the five provide special big rooms for memorable occasions, while Tarallucci e Viino – Upper West Side may provide a memory just as big but in a smaller capsule. Outside tables offer a great place to enjoy a morning croissant with coffee or a relaxing evening of Italian specialties.

Always moving in a new direction of customer service, the restaurant now lets you reserve your special table at Upper West Side with your reservation on line. Your glass of wine, straight from a private vineyard in the old country, will be waiting at your place to welcome you to fine dining at Tarallucci e vino – Upper West Side. Whether you call for simply a croissant, a special Italian pastry , or an entree that steams with fragrant garlic sauce, it will come from a wealth of delicious Italian dining choices. Whether it is served in the large banquet hall of Union Square, with great attention to celebration with tradition, or on a small, private sidewalk table for two, it deserves a special toast to the best!