About the Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency came out of an acquisition by Wilhelmina models. This became the largest talent agency for models out of the acquisition in the country. With a name such as Wilhelmina models behind it, the company now has the potential to be a driving force for building a successful modeling agency. The two agencies are able to join forces in order to build a full-service modeling agency.

The Brown Agency is named after the agency founder, Justin Brown. Justin Brown began his career as a model, and now runs the Wilhelmina agency in Austin. He began his career on the business side of the modeling industry as an assistant to his Modeling agent. This is one of the most respected agencies for modeling talent to ensure that they are selecting the best talent possible. The company is also committed to serving their talented models, as well as their clients. The agency is able to use it’s good name to attract the best models and the best clients, because they have such a great reputation in the business.

Wilhelmina quickly became one of the most respected agencies which launched in 2010 in Austin. They quickly rose to the top because they already had established a name for themselves. Heyman Talent-South, the acting talent agency, has also been very successful at expanding the opportunities for those whom are interested in acting and modeling. Becoming a full-service modeling agency means that the agency has to select models and individuals with great care as well as great pride.

There are many projects and great things in store for the Austin-based agency. They have managed to book up and coming child actors on the new TV show Dallas, and they are also confirming models for a fashion show. The company is seeking to build relationships with local businesses and others whom might need modeling talent in the future. They want to have as many models as possible in many different markets as possible. They also found that many people did not want to move to the bigger markets, so this gave the company a major opportunity in being able to expand locally. This agency is also in the unique position of being a locally-owned affiliate of a much larger firm. They seek to place models in markets throughout the world. The company is also looking to build partnerships with some of the major brands.