New Uses for Summer Produce

Delicious and beautiful produce appears in the summer, and it is always appreciated when normal recipes are enhanced to highlight simple and easy ways to “jazz up” such choices as corn, tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, eggplant, watermelon and peaches.

You can go to Food Network to get complete recipes for the suggestions given below along with other ideas.

TOMATOES can be used in so many ways. Consider pairing them with corn in a pasta with a light sauce. Put both tomatoes and PEACHES in salads. Start your meal with a Tuscan Tomato and Bread Soup with whole basil leaves. Stuff large tomatoes with mushrooms and Panko and top with goat cheese and parsley.

EGGPLANT is very versatile. One recipe calls for layering eggplant and cheese between lasagna noodles. Fry and top with tomato sauce.

ZUCCHINI is known to go into breads, and it is also delicious in pancakes.

Mix GREEN BEANS with garlic and capers to dress up this plain vegetable.

Add BLUEBERRIES to coleslaw!

Make a WATERMELON and CUCUMBER salad with onion and goat cheese.

PEACHES can be used in ways too numerous to mention. Make a peach, bacon and Arugula sandwich. Add peaches to a coffee cake batter for an outstanding breakfast or cookout dish.

Your creativity can be endless, as is Food Network’s, and that makes your summer meals different and a joy.