Starbucks Features Happy Hour and Evaluates Future of Teavana Stores

Starbucks is introducing a Happy Hour promotion that features its new creation called The Unicorn Frappuccino. This new promotion will last from May 5 to the 14. During the promotion all Frappuccinos drinks are sold for half price encouraging customers to buy and try any flavor they choose. The Happy Hour takes place from 3- 6 p.m. Its a time when many people get out of work and go to Starbucks to relax and unwind.


Another flavor served is Midnight Mocha Mint. Promotions are hectic and the staff has to prepare themselves for the promotions. Staff make the job look simple but it requires being fast and cool under pressure. Some locations only have indoor service and others a drive through window. Customers are often coming in at a fast pace.


This drinks are complicated to make and when you have a promotion and staff has to keep cool under pressure. Frappuccinos are custom made and each customers can choose from a variety of different type of milk and syrups to make them. They have extended the hours for this promotion to make these promotions more successful.


Starbucks currently has 350 Teavana stores located in malls across the US. Due to the fact that traffic in malls has slowed they are deciding what to do with these stores. Many consumers have shifted from shopping at brick and mortar stores and to shopping online on the Internet. Declines in Starbucks Teavana stores in sales has been high over the last few month and they expect further decline.


Online shopping and mobile shopping has reduced traffic in their stores and many retailers located in the malls have felt the pinch. They have plans to review the problem and try to make some changes to improve the performance of the stores. The company has closed a few stores and will continue to evaluate this struggling chain.


Some of the stores are successful and they continue to offer new product to attract customers. It is working on mobile payment system and ordering for these stores. This increased orders by 20 percent in many of the stores.


Starbucks Has Just Introduced Six New Frappachino Flavors

As part of a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the beverage, Starbucks has introduced six new frappuccino beverages. They may only be here for a limited time, so if you are interested in trying them, you should not wait long. The six different flavors include options that long-time customers have been ordering as part of Starbucks “secret menu” as well as some new options that they have created just for the promotion.

These six flavors are Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, Cupcake,Lemon Bar, Red Velvet Cake. Four of the flavors are cream frappes (made without coffee) and two are coffee frappes. Fans of the syrupy sweet beverage can also vote for their favorite of the six flavors from June 19th, until June 30th. On July 3rd, the store will announce the winner with sponsor Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and offer it for a special price of $3 for a grande.

There is no word on how long these flavors are going to be offered, or whether they will still be available once the special promotion ends. Starbucks has long been known for these sugary beverages, which are popular with many consumers, but have left many coffee lovers up in arms about the brand. This move seems to be one more step away from serving traditional coffee for the company, which has taken cappuccinos off the menu at many of its larger stores in New York, Seattle, and other places.