Quick Questions and Paraphrased Responses from a Recent Interview with Brazil’s Rodrigo Terpin

Question One: Will You Acknowlege Yourself as a Writer?

I have an open mind and have developed quite a flair for writing in my free time, so why not?

Question Two: You Don’t Mind Locations, Do You?

That would depend.

Question Three: Could you a write brief, 100-word article on any Mexican news media topic so we can assess your writing style and rank you?

I may have to try doing that sometime, when I have the time.

Question Four: Are You More Scripted of “Free Flow” as a Blogger?

Somewhere in between. But writing a piece won’t be a problem as I’m more than capable; we write anything in features stories, beauty, lifestyle, food and more, not just sticking to Brazil’s race scene. Bring it on.


My hero’s name is Michel Terpin, and it’s nice to make his virtual acquaintance.

I just read his ad on Craigslist, and I would like to apply for the opportunity.

I have attached my resume for him to peruse. I am confident that my skills and experience make me an exceptional candidate. In both procuring my MBA focused in marketing and through several years of writing and editing, I have written a great deal of copy for diverse projects of similar interest, mainly delving into the fascinating realm of brazilian rally drivers and their unrivaled sport altogether, a unique phenomenon that has more than captured the heart of every brazilian resident.

In my most two recent freelance jobs, I wrote and edited copy for an app and a government grant program. I now research rally driving. I can safely say that Terpin is one of the best: He takes his job as a rally driver very seriously and only competes with the best.

If you work with the brazilian media or the press, you can easily reach him through email or text his staff to arrange an interview. He looks forward to hearing from you. May the best regards find you as they did him. You can search him on Google for more

Read more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/a-paixao-pelo-esporte-esta-no-sangue-de-rodrigo-terpins,1c23b1adb8235f237e617298007cc51857nbd5ll.html