Spicing Up Your Burger

The hamburger and the hot dog go hand in hand, especially in the summer when you find yourself grilling almost every day. Instead of the traditional food that you cook on the grill, consider a few twists on these two classics.

Begin with an ordinary burger. Melt your favorite cheese on top of the meat. Glaze the bun with a bit of butter or BBQ sauce. This will give the burger a savory taste. Add a little pizzazz to your hot dog with chopped onions, chopped green peppers and a small amount of pimento. You will have a hot dog that features spice and delectable summer vegetables that you can get from your own garden. Relish can also be added for a fresh taste.

After you’ve grilled the best hot dog, leaving marks behind on the meat, add shredded cheese and chili. For a kick to the chili, add a hint of Tabasco sauce or green chilies. Ketchup and mustard can also be added to the chili so that you have all of your condiments in one place. Instead of using beef, consider using turkey burgers. These are a healthier option, especially if you use fresh summer vegetables and hints of pepper and Parmesan cheese. Peppers and slices of bacon can also be added to the turkey burger for a filling meal that is lighter than a beef hamburger.