Space-Age Cooking Taking Another Giant Leap for Mankind

The 3-D printer is a technological device that’s expected to drastically change the world over the next few decades. The vast majority of those changes will take place in the business world, yet if researchers at Columbia University are successful, the world of cooking will also be a part of these changes.

This is the sort of device that was envisioned long ago when people sought to visualize the future. In this particular case, the design of the equipment will have a robotic arm as its key component, according to the two students working on it. That arm will have eight slots where cartridges of frozen food can be placed and its size was compared to that of a standard coffee maker.

The goal is to make this a practical endeavor, with the researchers currently working with the International Culinary Center to determine which ingredients will be the most adaptable to this new format.

The leader of this project is Columbia professor Hod Lipson, who noted that food production was one of the few areas where technological innovation has not made great strides over the past few decades. He sees the effort as a chance for people to individualize their meals, focusing on the most nutritional aspects.

The fact that the eventual finished product will allow chefs to take various concepts to the next level, with the general public sharing their own particular recipes. It could conceivably have the potential to be able to quickly serve large groups of people.