The World According To George Soros

In true George Soros style, the billionaire offered his opinions to Forbes in a recent interview. These opinions ranged from the collapse of China, to the strength of the EU, the rising rates of the FEDs and political agendas. Specifically, Soros was very candid about his thoughts on Donald Trump and his immigration policy.

Mr Soros himself was a refugee during WWII. He received his primary education in London and then went on to New York to work for major financial firms in the 1950’s. He feels a genuine connection to those who are “stateless”, and feels that Trump’s closure of the US borders will only predicate more violence towards the country.

On the other hand, Mr Soros feels that Hillary Clinton will will by a landslide in the primaries. He feels that she is the best candidate by far in the Democratic pool and strongly supports her campaign. This comes as no surprise for Mr Soros has always been closely associated with the Democratic Party and liberal agendas.

The outlook given for the current estate of financial affairs in the United States is not so bright and cheery. Overall h states that this is not a good time to start investing, and that those who hold investments should strongly consider selling them. He thinks that a downturn in the system will cause some hardship, but for those who heed his advice they will come out of the whole thing ok.

Soros is world reknowned for his accuracy in predicting market conditions and making quite a nice nest egg for himself through international investments. He has published a number of books and is quite frequently seen in magazines and newspapers for his articles and opinions.

Soros holds a degree of Finance that he acquired in London. He came to the United States shortly thereafter and began his career in financial management and wealth generation. A gifted portfolio manager and respected for his views and predictions, George Soros has made very good on the American Dream.

The Forbes  interviewed concluded with his statement that while China may experience a hard drop in their financial standing in the world, they are not poised to crash. They will fall hard, but it will not be the complete crash that others are predicting. They will take a hard knock or two, but they will regain their stature and even come out of the situation a little better off than when they started.

The whole thing will depend on slow and gradual regrowth. That goes for the United States as well. The Feds took too long to institute a rate hike,and that hurt the US economy a bit. Changes should be brought into the financial picture slowly so that they have time to be fully embraced and make the changes they are meant to make.