From Cake To Fruit Dip With A S’more

The S’more is a treat that can easily be changed depending on the flavors that you enjoy. Find an ingredient that you like that can be incorporated into the S’more, such as pretzels or cereal, to give a boost to the taste.

Slice a few pieces of fruit, such as pineapple and apples, and dip the slices into a S’mores dip. Melt chocolate chips in a cast iron pan with small pieces of crushed graham crackers. Top the chocolate with marshmallows. Once everything is melted in the oven, dip your fruit into the sweet gooey mess.

If you’re looking for an idea to make for a birthday cake, then try a S’mores cake. Prepare a dark chocolate cake with layers of a marshmallow filling. Small pieces of graham cracker can be blended with the filling. Top with melted chocolate that falls over the sides of the cake along with crushed graham crackers. Brownies are easy to change into a S’more. Simply bake a traditional brownie recipe, and top it with a chocolate ganache, marshmallows and graham crackers. You can also blend graham crackers into the brownie batter. Cheesecake might not be something you would consider making with a S’more, but if you prepare a sweet potato cheesecake and top it with marshmallows and chocolate, then you’ll have a delicious edition of the campfire treat that can be served at a special event.