Smart Lighting is Smart Business

When LED lighting fixtures have sensors that can be used to transmit data that can assist individuals and business decision makers in managing how and when lights are in use, this is called smart lighting. People all over the world are making the switch from incandescent lighting to LED lighting in an effort to save energy because LED light bulbs have the impressive ability to use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Smart lighting can boost the energy conserving capacity of LED lighting by up to three times more. The user friendly convenience of being able to turn off lights from a separate room or even from another state just by the touch of a button is an invaluable benefit to people and businesses everywhere. A true convenience that not too many years ago, people could only wish that they had. Smart lighting has been a tremendous gift to business owners who have enough on their plates without having to keep track of whether or not employees turned the lights off after meetings in the conference room or worse, if the office was locked up and there were still lights on, consuming far more energy than necessary. Gooee is an enterprise IoT lighting solutions provider that has designed applications and systems for lighting providers aimed at helping businesses ‘achieve energy savings of up to 90%.’ These systems are aimed specifically to benefit offices, retail, hospitality, and logistics buildings using lighting analytics, building intelligence, and other secure cloud based systems designed by Gooee’s team of lighting and software specialists.