Clay Siegall Achievements in Cancer Treatment

Clay B. Siegall is one of the most respected biotechnologists in the world. He is the founder of a biotechnology company known as Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall is very popular, especially for his achievements in Cancer Treatment. Siegall has a lot of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, and this is one of the reasons his company has managed to do well. Siegall serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics.

Siegall started Seattle Genetics in 1998. Before starting the institution, he had worked in some of the top biotechnology companies in the country, and this explains his expertise. Siegall is also well educated, having gone to some of the best schools in the United States. Clay has a Ph.D. in genetics from the George Washington University. He sharpened his skills as a scientist in this university.

Clay Siegall spends most of his time in cancer research, and he has come up with several therapies for cancer treatment. The successful scientist sits on several boards of directors. He was recently appointed by Mirna Therapeutics to serve as an outside director. At this position, Siegall will be expected to advance the cancer treatment options from the institution. His great desire of helping individuals living with cancer serves as his greatest motivation. This desire has enabled Seattle Genetics to rise and become one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. The institution is a pioneer in the development of ADCs.



As the CEO, president and chairman of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has managed to accomplish several things. His first achievement in the organization of the production of ADCs, because they are considered to be a significant breakthrough in the battle against cancer. ADCs are particular drugs that are used to suppress the growth and spread of cancer cells in the human body. The first drug from the company, known as Adcetris, has done very well in the market, and it is currently being used in more than sixty nations. Many individuals have benefited from the drug, especially after it was improved recently. Clay Siegall is also in charge of the capital raising activities of the company. He recently raised the final round of capital for the enterprise, and it was successful.