Christmas Time For Inmates Has Become Happier Because Of Securus Technology

I couldn’t imagine being away from my child during Christmas time, so seeing an inmate talking to his child through video visitation is absolutely amazing to me. They never had technology like this many years ago when I used to visit a family member in prison, so it’s good to know that things have changed for the better. I remember Christmas time being a time when family members would gather around the Christmas tree waiting to open their gifts, and we always missed that one person who was in jail. Knowing that technology is now available to allow the jailed family member to join us through video chat at Christmas time is great.

I understand that people who are in jail have done something wrong, but I don’t believe that the jailed person should be completely kept away from their family members, even if it’s just because their family is too far away from them. An inmate being able to talk to their family in another state through video is absolutely breathtaking I would definitely partake in video chat should I ever have a family member or friend enter the prison system in the future because at least talking to them through video makes it seem more like they are here with me.

I’ve learned a lot about Securus, and I’ve never been able to use their technology but am very interested in how it works. The same way that I use video chat to talk with family members while using my phone or tablet is the same way I can talk to someone in prison using Securus technologies. The fees that Securus charges for its services is very reasonable to me, especially since driving to a prison that may even be in another state would be a lot more expensive.

As long as I have the right equipment to accept the video call, I can make an appointment in the future to talk to someone in prison through the video visitation system. I know that Christmas time will be the busiest time, so I’d be wise enough to make an appointment ahead of time in order to get in on that important day. The video quality that I see with Securus is near perfect, and I see that Securus is going to save a lot of people from having to go through a lot of hassle to see their loved ones in prison at Christmas time.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.