The Slyce company and their standings according to the 2015 report

The Slyce company recently shared 2015’s annual report with the public where they shared information such as technical highlights, financial updates, business highlights as well as financial highlights for the last quarter of 2015.

The 14th of July 2015 marked the launch of Slyce’s latest app. This app was a search enabled consumer app called Craves. This was an app focused around boutiques and fashion. It was only available on the iOS platform and could only be accessed via the iTunes store in Canada and the USA.

Another milestone was made with the expansion of the 3D Visual shopping app known as Pounce. This app was finally made available on the Android platform as of the 13th of August 2015.

The 17th of September 2015 marked the release of a platform known as Slyce Insights. This was a very new analytics platform mainly for retailers. The platform allowed retailers to access vital information such as data that was collected relating to visual searches collected from different sources as well as key performance indicators in a detailed format.

The launch of Scout, which is the new money saving concierge service from Slyce was implemented into the already existing coupons app SnipSnap.

The following are financial highlights for the year 2015. A total revenue of $1,692,292 at the end of October 2015 was a dramatic increase over previous years $89,803 which ended the 31st of October 2014. This saw an overall increase of a whopping 1784 percent. Due to client deployment and integration allowed for recurring revenue which is getting bigger as a percentage of the total revenue for the year. The repeated revenue actually increased to $408,595 in the last quarter of the year.

The total expenses for the year were $11,639,430 ended on the 31st of October 2015 and were compared to the recent years expenses which were only $6,900,310 and those ended on the 31st of October 2014.