Orange Coast College Offers New Planetarium and much more.

Orange Coast College was established in 1947, classes began in Fall of 1948. The third largest college in Orange County. It sits on the coastline of Costa Mesa, CA about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. The college offers a 2-year Associates Degree in Arts and Science. Students have a sizable number of academic classes to choose from. Orange County College also offers classes that can be transferred to another a college or university based on a lower division. They also can take certificate programs that can be completed in less than two years. Orange Coast College enrolls about 24,000 undergraduates a year.


Recently, the college has received a generous donation of $1-million for a new planetarium device, called the Foucault pendulum, an instrument known for demonstrating the rotation of the Earth. The new planetarium will be open for students from kindergarten to 12th grade and surrounding communities. Also provide Orange Coast College students with the opportunity to engage in science. The new planetarium is expected to be open for the 2018 Fall Semester. Learn more:


Orange Coast College offers housing to students to rent an apartment off-campus at an affordable price. The apartment allows 2 students per bedroom with shared living quarters, but private rooms are available. Housing is provided for international students as well. Homestay allows the student to live with a family while attending Orange Coast College. They also offer childcare to students and staff who have young children. This is a vital part of a parent who is attending college and needs a suitable place for their children to spend their day. The Children’s Center is run by the students who are enrolled in the Early Education Program and the faculty/staff are on site too. It has recently opened to the community as well.


The college also offers many extracurricular activities that play are large part in campus life. Sports is one of them, from football to beach volleyball, there’s something for everyone. There are also different clubs for students to become a part of. The college offers a student newspaper, The Coast Report, written and edited by the journalism students. Learn more: