Colored Sapphire Engagement Rings For Every Lady

Jewelry pieces featuring interesting colors such as yellow, pink and white may feature sapphire stones that did not mature to their natural blue. The world knows sapphires to be blue a majority of the time, but sapphires are not always as colorful as the ring on Kate Middleton’s finger. This article explains how different colors of sapphires are a beautiful choice for a new jewelry piece.

#1: What Are The Most Popular Colors?

Sapphires are most popular in blue, and the deep blue is sought after the world over because of its rich color. Blue is the color of royalty, and it is a color that matches quite a lot other colors. Yellow, pink and white are also quite popular in sapphires, and they refract light quite differently than their cousins known as diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

#2: Yellow Is A Unique Jewelry Color

Yellow is not quite as popular as darker colors in the jewelry world, but it is quite formidable in its own right. Yellow sapphires will ring from their yellow gold settings, or they sparkle in earrings in a way that other stones cannot. The yellow is quite pale, and it shoots light about when it is struck.

#3: Pink Is A Lady’s Favorite

Pink is a popular color for diamonds, and it is not seen in many other places. Pink sapphires are far less expensive than pink diamonds, and they carry the color just as well as a diamond. Ladies may purchase quite a few pink sapphires for the price of one pink diamond, and the light still glints as it does with other precious stones. There are quite a few women who would prefer a pink stone, and they use the sapphires they find for the color infusion they seek.

#4: White Sapphires

Diamonds are losing their hold on the industry as they rise in price with fewer buyers every year using a traditional diamond ring. Sapphires have been used many times over in rings such as Kate Middleton’s, and it is apparent that a white sapphire will do the same job that any diamond would do. White sapphires are cost-effective in every way, and they are quite helpful when attempting to fool the general public. No one knows the difference between white sapphires and diamonds unless they examine the stones themselves.

The National Sapphire Company has long been the high mark in sapphires in America, and they bring the finest stones to life through proper care of each gem. They do not sell synthetic stones as they do not have the color or vigor of proper sapphires, and the colors vary for every customer. The bold blue of Kate Middleton’s ring to bright yellow are all available.