The Many Facets of Securus CEO Rick Smith

As the president and CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith heads a corporation whose number one priority is public safety and protection. Securus Technologies oversees the development and application of programs and technology that are designed and set into place to serve civil and criminal justice needs. These services are implemented to serve society in general, and by prison systems, where safety and security within the institutions are a constant concern. This is particularly true in today’s hi-tech age, when even prison inmates are able to find ways to commit further crimes against the “free” world from behind bars. This up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge technology is all handled under the watchful eye of Rick Smith.

For nearly a decade, Rick Smith has been an integral part of Securus Technologies, serving in a number of different capacities. He got his start in 2008, when he was appointed to the Board at Securus. The following year saw him take on the role of Securus Chairman. During this time he also served on the Board of Eschelon Telecom Inc, where he worked prior to his employment with Securus.

While working at Eschelon Telecom Inc, Smith also held several different positions. From 1998-2000 he acted as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. In 1999, during his tenure as CFO, he also served as Chief Operating Officer. He filled this position until 2003. In 2000, Smith received a significant promotion when he was elevated to the position of President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. He remained in this position until he became the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to his employment with Eschelon Telecom Inc, Smith was Vice President of Financial Management at Frontier Corporation (now Global Crossing), where he worked for two decades and gained a great deal of experience for his future endeavors by holding several different positions at nearly every level within the company.In addition to his extensive business experience, Rick Smith boasts quite an impressive educational background. He obtained a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the New York State University at Brockport. He earned an MBA from the University of Rochester and an Associate’s degree in Applied Science in Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Further, he holds a professional degree from the New York State University at Buffalo. He also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering here.

Rick Smith has often spoken of his desire to serve his companies’ clients to the utmost of his abilities, drawing on his extensive education and hands-on experience to ensure that any and all decisions made with regard to the safety and security of the institutions and members of the public are fully effective and in the best interests of all parties involved.