Food App For Restaurants Leftovers?

This new food hack isn’t actually about the reader cooking anything but about saving app users 50- 80% on meals from area restaurants. The catch is the meals are available when the restaurant is getting ready to close its doors and the buyer does not know what the mail will be.


This would definitely not be for a person who is very picky in what they eat, but for the rest of the population, I think this idea is a wonderful one. The app, called Food For All, is still in programming mode and fundraising on Kickstarter is nearly complete. The creator of the app, David Rodriguez, who started the project as a requirement to finish his MBA, saw the chance for a perfect pairing of restaurants that were in a conundrum as to what to do with their extra food at the end of the day and patrons looking for a great deal on dinner.


I believe that this is a great idea. Sometimes not everyone has the budget to go out and eat, but with Food For All, anyone can order dinner from their favorite place and save. Plus, it would be nice to see this app, or another like it, offer the discounted dinners to seniors. Many seniors that I know would use this service as they are not too fond of some frozen meal delivery services.


Mr. Rodriguez has hopes to launch Food for All by next summer in Boston and in New York for initial service. To date 30 restaurants located in Boston have signed up to help pilot the app. David has produced a video that explains exactly how the app works and it can be viewed here.


I love the use of this app. My hope is that Food For All can find a wide enough target audience that it takes off and spreads out from larger, metropolitan cities. According to Mr. Rodriguez that all of the food produced by restaurants daily there is a 40 % food waste. It would be wonderful if this app became responsible for reduction of costs associated with disposing of unwanted food and starting a revolution of Earth conscious consumers.