Have You Considered Googling Yourself?

Have you ever considered searching for your name on the internet? I think it’s something you should consider doing much more often to monitor your presence online. Many people have an uncomfortable feeling to admit caring about what other people think. Think about someone finding you checking yourself and how embarrassing that could be. The first time I googled myself, I had an awkward feeling about why I was doing it.

At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was doing until I got all my profile and links to my blogs, career, and friends all appearing on the first Google search page. If you are looking for a job, an employer, for instance, looks for the resume and cover letter as the main things to determine who to invite to an interview. On the other hand, you also need to keep your CV and employment up-to-date and continuously improve them because they are required too.

Meanwhile, sales materials are critical documents you may use to communicate effectively and strengthen your Reputation.com that you are particularly fit for a certain job. When the information is freely available on the internet, they also influence you client’s decision to prefer you. Therefore, it is important to look for the information and seek out opportunities to upgrade them.

75 percent of HR departments are required to look for applicants online before they even send the invitations to the interview. While that looks surprising, it is also known that 70 percent of the applicants have their applications turned down because they are based on something negative online they said sometime before they applied for the job.

Can you trust any stranger to write your resume or cover after realizing how online content has become critical? Would you also consider a competitor to be the one compiling and ordering your sales materials? Your answer should be No because that would mean that you have let your online presence in the hands of people who will never be hurt by the impacts. If you gave people your business card the last two years, there are chances that you have been searched online. The same case applies to dating, potential clients, and business partners.