The Unselfish Ways of George Soros

Many are fleeing their war-torn, poverty-stricken homeland with dreams of a more promising life in another country. It has been estimated that tens of million have already done so. The immigrant crisis has escalated. But, with so many on the move countries are trying to find ways to solve this problem. George Soros said they have failed because of their policies are not effective, and only cause more misery and suffering for the migrants.

On September 19, 2016, George Soros pledged to give $500 million to this cause. Some of the money will be given to companies that are willing to help the migrants and communities that will take families in their homes. The money will also help migrants to start new ventures. He wants the migrants to have a much better life. George Soros is also hoping that those individuals with lots of money, can see his vision and help.

At the opening of the General Assembly on Monday 19th, 2016, the issues of the migrant’s were addressed. The United Nations and Unicef have estimated that $65 million people had already fled their countries, with the majority coming from Afghanistan, Somalia, and Syria. Soros’ company, The Open Society Foundation, which is non-profit will handle the funds. Any profit that accumulates will go directly to the OSF’s migrant programs.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugee Filippo Grandi at said the immigrants need help to navigate the financial and legal services. He wants them to get an education, and jobs so that they can become prominent members of society. He also said that he believes that those individuals who are financially privileged, can make this happen.

George Soros is from Budapest, Hungary. He was born on August 12th, 1930. His estimated worth is about $24.9 billion USD. Soros studied at the London School of Economics, in 1947. Upon his graduation in 1951 he received a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. Then in 1954 he obtained a Master of Science, also in Philosophy.

Trying to get a job was difficult for him. Many of his letters requesting an interview, were ignored. If he happened to get one, he was then humiliated. Soros eventually found employment with Singer and Friedlander of London, a merchant bank. It was there he began his financial career on Biography. He came to the United Stated in 1956, taking a position with F.M Myers as an arbitrage trader. Soros remained at this company for three years. He has had many prominent positions before starting Soros Fund Management. He is also an author, Investor, Philanthropist and political activist. Through his foundation many individual are helped globally.