Cooking With Weed

More states are going forward and making marijuana legalized for recreational use. Of course when any new product, or in this case an old product becomes legal, marketing schemes and gimmicks will arise to try and make money off of that. After all, there’s a large market of making things using marijuana. It’s already started in the states where it’s legal. Something interesting is hitting bookstore shelves across the states that have legalized marijuana.

Russian Businessman Alexei Beltyukov was surprised to learn, but according to Eater Cannibis Cookbooks are a thing! This is quite the genius plan that someone came up with. After all, once someone is smoking marijuana there isn’t a whole lot of activities that they want to partake in. Except, of course eating. Therefore what a great idea to do both at the same time! There’s a variety of titles and a variety of different recipes out there.

Some cookbooks offer dinners, desserts, and even drinks! Hey, after all, marijuana looks like some sort of spice so why not use it as one. It will be interesting to see how these cookbooks evolve and adapt depending on what states make the push to legalize marijuana. I can see a lot of other things stemming from this, because it’ll be hard to see where the line will be drawn. Will cooking competitions with marijuana become a thing? What about weed infused menu items on a restaurant menu?

Only time will be able to tell if a monster has been created.