Melissa Weller Introduces her Croissant program at Rebelle Restaurant

About Melissa Weller

Melissa Wellers is the head baker of Sadelle’s is renowned for her good sticky buns, bagels, kabka, and chocolate chip loaf. Before joining Sadelle’s, he was at Roberta where she was baking baguettes and leavened croissants for sale in a shipping container. She has also peddled bagels to people on weekends and also sold them at the food market in Brooklyn, She rolled dough for Thomas Keller while at Per Se as the head bread baker. She was also a mechanical engineer at one time before becoming a bakery scholar.


Weller’s pistachio-cherry twice-baked croissant

This weekend 24 September, Weller will be at her French origin for her pastry program where she will be extending her spumoni-inspired croissant at Nolita restaurant Rebelle. Wellers will also prepare pastries for the brunch menu in the same restaurant. This serves as a preparation for her next year’s program that the restaurant owner anticipates on opening with Weller as the consulting baker.

The Spumoni inspired croissant has pistachio cream and chopped pistachios as toppings and dusted with powdered sugar. It also contains a sour jam while a leftover croissant still maintains its flavor and freshness on the following day. Prepare it by split into two, dip in vanilla flavored syrup, reassemble, and bake it again. Use of the pistachio cream and sour cherry jam makes the French breakfast pastry different from the Italian Spumoni, which uses the almond paste during preparation.


Other pastries available at the brunch

Other delicacies prepared for the pastries brunch include the Chausson aux Pomme that appears like a single turnover but she makes it using the whole-wheat puff pastry, sliced roasted apples and then mixed with beets and brown sugar. Chausson means slipper while Pomme is an apple. Weller also had ham-and-cheese croissant which has the following layers arranged from the bottom; croissant, Mornay sauce, jambon de Paris, Gruyere, Mornay, croissant, more Mornay and Comte usually served as a bar snack grated on top. The brunch menu also has double-chocolate pain au chocolate that uses cocoa in making the dough. The recap article is available on Grubstreet. Visit Rebelle Restaurant and enjoy the different pastries including the twice-baked croissant baked by Weller.