Advanced entertainment-Norman Pittz

Subscribers of Podcastone Networks can now enjoy audio programs in a new way. The giant entertainment organization Podcastone has launched new software. The app which the firm has made available for free on Play Stores, their website, as well as Google Play, will enable the listeners to watch videos on a 360-degree as they enjoy other interactive functions among them communicating with the hosts as they also send text to their fellow listeners. Podcastone members will now have an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of programs as well as videos ( The subscribers will not only have to enjoy the videos but they will also have a chance to get photographs which are not found on the internet, and they will also be able to answer survey questions.

Podcastone new mobile software is not only an entertainment software but the members also have an opportunity to earn points which will assist them to get discounts on services and products, watch other special materials and programs. Podcastone has had their clients at heart and has always wanted to deliver quality services. In this case, Podcastone has partnered with Mandt VR to create the best of 360-degree as well as virtual reality videos. Ever since their partnership, the two firms have designed over 1000 videos and the two organizations are committed to creating more videos every week. Some of the videos created include; Laila Ali Lifestyle, Adam &Drew, Geffen Playhouse Unscripted, Forbes Under 30, Mohr Stories, Art of Charm, Dr. Drew, Reasonable Doubt as well as Adam Carolla Show. Podcastone Virtual reality 360-degree videos do not only offer their members an opportunity to view videos recorded in studios but also to watch the programs in a new way. Neil Mandt is the c0-founder of Mandt VR a firm which was founded in 2015. He said that he is impressed with the efforts that Podcast is making to change the entertainment industry.

Norman Pittz is the father of the entertainment and the media industry. The American entrepreneur is so passionate about the two industries. Mr. Pittz is not only the founder of Podcastone but he has also founded several other entertainment networks is among them; Westwood One Radio Network. The Radio network was the distributor of sports, traffic updates, news, as well as talk shows. Mr. Pittz dis not only found the two successful entertainment groups but he is also the establisher of Courtside Entertainment Group. Pittz is a recognized leader who has been elected and reelected to Federal Broadcasting Board of Governors. Norman served on the board during President’s Bush tenure as well as former President Bill Clinton. Learn more: