Purina Beneful: Premium Food for Your Dog

Purina Beneful dog food has been a household name and the leading brand of dog food for many years. There is a reason why Beneful stands out from other dog food brands. First, Purina has a Nutrition Research team that examines all ingredients that go into their dog food to ensure your pet is getting optimal nutrition value. Beneful only uses top of the line grain, corn, and livestock in their products. All Beneful products meet FDA, USDA, and AAFCO standards, so you can feel safe in knowing your pet will not be exposed to harmful levels of arsenic or lead. Every Purina Beneful product is made in the United States.

Aside from Purina Beneful being a premium and nutritious dog food, your pet will also enjoy all of the varieties that Purina offers. Beneful offers beef, chicken, and salmon flavors. Purina also provides a Beneful product for any dog in any stage of life. Beginning with Beneful Healthy Puppy, this blend provides all of the essential nutrients a puppy needs for healthy development. If you are cautious about choosing a dog food brand due to your toy- sized dog, Purina has a special blend called Beneful IncrediBites made to suit your small dog. Like humans, sometimes our beloved pets can reach an unhealthy weight due to poor eating habits. Beneful’s Healthy Weight dog food line has 10% fewer calories than the original Beneful dog food, which will assist in getting your dog to a healthy weight.

Your canine friend will also be pleased to know that Beneful offers an entire line of treats as well. You will also be happy to know all of Beneful’s treats help support your dog’s dental care. Beneful’s treats are specifically made for your dog’s size, so the treats can be enjoyed by all breeds, large and small.

All of Beneful’s products are very informative to consumers to ensure you are providing your dog with the best quality of care. On the back of every Beneful product you can find detailed nutritional information as well as feeding recommendations. Beneful’s website, www.beneful.com is also packed with additional resources that will answer any questions you may have.