Premium dog food good enough for people.

Premium dog food has quickly grown in popularity in recent years. The pet food industry is already worth 23.7 billion dollars, and expects to keep growing every year. With more and more pet owners, and more brands to choose from, you would think that the market would be difficult to get ahead in, but Premium dog food is becoming one of the highest percentages of dog food sold in today’s market.
A great example of this new trend is Purinastore’s Beneful, a well known and trusted supplier of premium dog food all around the world. One of the main reasons owners choose Beneful is because of the nutritional value. Owners always want to know that their pet is eating as healthy as they are, so they choose a well known brand, which uses real meat like chicken and tuna.

The other innovation that Beneful has taken notice of is that owners want their pet to eat food as great as their own food, including being grain-free. Beneful makes dry dog food ( and has many great flavors to choose from with real meat, like lamb and salmon. with so many flavors, and healthy choices to choose from it’s no wonder why premium dog food is gaining so much popularity.

Another main reason people are choosing premium pet food over the other brands is because of freshness. many premium dog food companies will take food off of the shelves of Wal-Mart stores if it is no longer up to their standard of freshness quality, even though it is in a sealed can, and is just fine to eat. Premium dog food is now at such high quality, and freshness that some chefs will even taste test their dog food right off the conveyor belt, stating that it tastes like thanksgiving dinner!