Securus Technologies Helping Keep Inmates Behind Bars

I work as a fugitive hunter and had a very challenging case to solve this month. We had a suspect of a violent crime in custody, but the evidence was weak and unless we found the weapons used, he would certainly be freed. We knew that while he was in jail he could not hide that evidence, so we had his family under surveillance the whole time. His family was sure to not do anything that could tip us off, so we decided to head to the jail to try and collect data there.


That same month, the jail had a visit from Securus Technologies, they were there installing an updated call monitoring system that was going to help my team by doing the work of several officers. The company is run by CEO Rick Smith, and his Dallas-based employees are dedicated to one task, making the world just that much safer. Already installed in 2,600 jails around the country, maybe we had the resources right in front of us to keep this inmate behind bars.


Once we started to use the LBS software, we couldn’t wait to see if the inmates were talking about our suspect and maybe could give us the evidence we needed to keep him locked away for life. While we waited for inmates to start talking, something quite unexpected happened.


We actually picked up a call where our suspect was on the phone with his family discussing his own defense. His brother was on the line and whether he realized it or not, was talking in detail about how the suspect should deal with the courts. He recounted things only someone involved in these crimes would know, so we dispatched a team to that location to collect the evidence he was discussing. He unwillingly sealed his brother’s fate.