Cold Brew in 10 Minutes? Yes, Please!

What’s hot in coffee is actually, well, cold, and with many famous coffee chains and picking up on the trend, it’s no wonder that people actually want to enjoy this unique coffee consumption technique at home. While a traditional cold brew can take up to 12 hours to create (yikes), the at-home coffeemaker produced by Prisma promises to deliver a cool cup of joe in 10 minutes. It’s enough to send all coffee lovers rushing to the Internet to pick up on this caffeine frenzy.

The Crowdfunded coffeemaker has raised thousands of dollars to make the appliance available to consumers, and the futuristic device is labeled with a price tag in the low hundreds. While this may seem like a hefty sum to a few fans of the brew, many others see the convenience and sheer hype of the machine worthy of any retail price. Techies who love new gadgets can get behind this magical coffeemaker, while those who are new to the cold brew phenomenon can appreciate being able to create this tasty brew at home in less time than ever before.

Whether a person loves cold coffee for the flavor or for its popularity, Prisma is bound to be a huge success with its innovative way to make cold coffee in record time. When the fancy coffee machine hits the shelves for consumers to buy, it will surely not last long.