The Great Table Scrap Debate

Every loving pet owner feels a tug of guilt at the end of a delicious restaurant meal. Why throw away these table scraps? Maybe you’ve gone out to an Asian restaurant, or even worst, you’ve gotten Italian or American food. In fact, the decision is agonizing for some. They know their dog at home would love even just a few bites of the butter-laden leftovers. However, most owners want to feed their pet with healthy food, and understand that most of the table scraps on their plates don’t contain the right nutrition for a dog. What do you do when you’ve eaten all the lean meat and most of the healthy grains and vegetables off the plate? All that’s left are noodles, white rice, fatty pieces of meat, grissel, bones etc., drenched in a salty, sweet, oily, or buttery sauce. In addition, the number of flavors you detect are far too many to list like garlic, onion, paprika, red pepper, sugar, and basil. You know many of them likely aren’t healthy for your dog. Yet, the guilt still creeps in. You’ve enjoyed something so delicious and you just want your dog to enjoy something special because you did. However, there’s no more need to feel guilty that you’re enjoying a gourmet meal anymore while your dog eats only gruel. Beneful offers healthy dog food recipe blends like Tuscan, Romana, Beef Stew and Mediterranean to name a few.

Every Beneful wet food meal, dry food serving and treat contains 100% of the nutrients your dog would need in proportion to its serving size. And Beneful there are no unhealthy fats or spices that could cause your dog to develop diseases or other serious medical conditions.

Table Scraps Can Be Very Unhealthy

If you want to give your dog table scraps, you’re not alone. Most pet owners want to feed their animals healthier, more human-like food; and have trouble resisting the urge to give their pet leftovers from restaurants, and table scraps after meals and snacks. However, many loving pet owners would think twice if they understood that when it comes to human food and dog food, the proportions are off. There’s too much fat and starch, and not enough nutrition per bite in table scraps; making them unhealthy for your pet.