George Soros is on the Move in 2017 and Gives Hope to People

Billionaire George Soros is about his business as usual. However, he is taking things with a grain of salt these days. Ever since President Donald Trump was elected to office, Soros had to take a step back to evaluate the current conditions in the world.

It is no secret that Soros does not like the president. Back in 2016 George Soros gave millions to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party to defeat Trump. However, Trump went on to become the president in 2016 and was sworn into office in January of 2017. Donald’s Trump victory was a shocking development for many people. They just did not expect him to win.

Since President Trump has been in office, Soros is now viewing his time in power with skepticism. He realizes that President Trump has the ability to set the country back in so many ways.

While he looks gravely at Trump’s leadership abilities, he is very hopeful about America’s system of government on Soros realizes that the constitution protects the U.S. from so much harm. Especially, from a president whom he views as incompetent and incapable of running a country like the U.S.

Under Trump’s rule the U.S. is expected to stop being a dominate promoter of democracy in the world. They are also expected to have a lot of internal problems on These are Soros’ views and he does not make them lightly.

Soros has seen leaders like Trump in the past and in the present. He knows what kind of people they are. Soros has even likened the current president to a dictator or a mafia boss. This is not a good thing.

Soros does not want to do a lot of business within the U.S. now that Trump is in power. He even claimed that he will distance himself from a lot of business dealings within the U.S. until the president’s time in office is over. Soros just wants the American people to have hope.

He knows that Trump is already pushing certain policies such as temporary closing America’s borders on Forbes. These policies could have very bad repercussions on people who trying to legitimately enter into this country. They can also harm people who are already here.

Soros sees a lot of change and instability coming to America under President Trump. He just wants the American people to know that things will get better regardless of how bad they might be for the moment. George Soros is optimistic about America because he realizes that this country has the ability to withstand a lot of problems. Including a president like Donald J. Trump.

George Soros is not going to allow Trump’s victory to slow him down. He is on the move in 2017 and he will continue to improve the world of politics for everyone. Soros is not finished with doing his part to make this world a better place.

The Fight Against Donald Trump To Continue For George Soros And Other Donors

The political future of the U.S. was thrown into serious doubt by the Presidential election victory of Republican Donald Trump and the backing he received from what is commonly known as the alt right. The problems facing the U.S. if Trump was elected were spotted at the start of the nomination process by Democrat donor George Soros who decided this was the moment he should return to prominent political giving after his major funding for campaigns in 2004 and 2008; the loss of the election to the Republicans is not seen by George Soros as the end of his work, but the start of a long term strategy to wrestle control of the country back from conservative control.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary where he faced persecution for his Jewish faith by the Nazi’s of Germany during their World War II occupation of the country, and later faced oppression at the hands of the ruling communists in the eastern bloc. Soros has used the motivation of fighting to secure democracy for as many as possible as his reason for fighting so hard for liberal candidates and campaigns.

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The hedge fund billionaire provided around $25 million in funding for the Clinton campaign in 2016, just less than the $27 million he provided for John Kerry’s campaign in 2004. Over the course of 2016 George Soros provided funding directly for the Hillary Clinton campaign and for the Super PAC’s intent on bringing success to the Democrat’s standing for election across the U.S. Around $7 million in funding was given to the Priorities USA Super PAC publicly backing Clinton, who provided Soros with an open door to discuss policy during the buildup to the 2016 election.

A loss to Donald Trump was unexpected for members of the Democratic party who had been planning strategy meetings following an expected Hillary Clinton victory; the Democracy Alliance of influential Democrats had already planned a three day meeting between donors and major political figures in the party, such as Nancy Pelosi to follow the election. The loss of the Presidential election has made the Democracy Alliance event even more important than ever as Democrat donors look to build a strategy for success during the next four years. George Soros showed his willingness to become involved in the future of the party with his post election day decision to attend the Democracy Alliance event and become involved in a question and answer sessions at the event. As the Democrats look to build on the losses of 2016 the policies of the future will be formed by figures such as Soros who hope to create a party of the future that represents the interests of every person in the U.S.


George Soros’s Giving Shows a Stand For Hillary Clinton

George Soros is no stranger when it comes to using his wealth to help his choice of political party candidate(s) gain attention and hopefully the win. Mr. Soros also makes it clear with financial contributions whom he would like not to see be successful. It seems that Hillary Clinton has awoken George Soros’s interest, he has been a bit dormant since his substantial funding to those who could have potentially defeated former President George W. Bush in the 2004 race. Donald Trump’s attempt at becoming this country’s next president has prompted Soros to dig deep and help fund several organizations targeted both at aiding Ms. Clinton and defeating Mr. Trump.

It seems as though Donald Trump has struck a nerve with George Soros. Reporting has shown that Soros feels that Trump has helped Americans keep hate and fear strong with Trump’s speeches and what he supports. Though a Democrat supporter in the past, Soros finds that Hillary Clinton offers many qualities and views that he supports on For example, it has been reported that he has been impressed by the fact that he can have constructive conversations with Ms. Clinton and she is receptive of his inquiries. She also represents a chance, that the other side falls short off when it comes to dealing with issues like ending religious prejudices and overhauling crime and tactics used to deal with criminals.

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The reported estimation of political donations that Mr. Soros has currently given is beyond $25 million and that money has been divided amongst key groups aimed at furthering Democratic organizations that sync with Hillary Clinton’s stances (Planned Parenthood Votes for example) and directly to her campaign, as well as displaying the negative aspects of Donald Trump’s campaign including, American Bridge 21st Century, a Super Pac that is involved with researching what unfavorable and counterproductive practices that Republicans along with Trump can bring upon the US government.

Mr. Soros had previously been edging away from the political funding radar since 2004. It seems he has been contemplating what the ramifications are when the super wealthy give vast amounts in favor of a specific candiate(s) and parties. Thusly, Soros has been instrumental in raising awareness of supporting reforming campaign donations through both the End Citizens United and the Every Voice organizations. He has also concentrated efforts and financial donations to nonprofit organizations that help bring people connected with healthcare options and education nationally and internationally. He has also donated to human rights organizations and aided Eastern Europe’s attempt at Democracy.

George Soros Contribution to the Ongoing Democratic Party Campaigns

George Soros is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC and the founder of the Open Society Foundations. He is also an active philanthropist in U.S. and an author of fourteen books. His interests are in business and investments, politics, economics, globalization, open communities, and charity works. Soros holds an economics degree from the London School of Economics and later moved to U.S where he became a hedge fund manager.

His involvement in politics

George Soros has increased his political giving in the current United State campaigns with his support of the Democratic Party on According to the Federal Election Commission, Soros has already spent $25 million on the campaigns and expects to spend more before they end. Close sources to Soros say that his faith in Hillary Clinton and rivalry with Donald Trump may be the contributing factor to his increased financial support for the Democratic Party campaigns. His ability to mobilize other wealthy activists and the GOP donor class has worked to the advantage of Hillary Clinton thus crippling the Trumps campaigns. George Soros has also donated to several mobilization groups in support of the different Democratic Senate candidates.

George Soros engaged in this form of giving back in 2004 after which he withdrew from any political giving. In 2005, he became a part of Democratic Alliance, which is a secretive club that involved independent donors in the U.S. The organization sought to attend to issues related to climate change, income inequality, and minimize the role of big money in the political fields. Soros praises Hillary Clinton’s willingness to follow up on the issues related to policy and her work as a one-time First Lady in the United States.


George Soros involvement in charitable works dates back to 1979.He gave scholarships that helped South African students under apartheid join Cape Town University. Additionally, he built Central European University after the fall of the Berlin wall and played a critical part in stopping Communism in the Eastern Bloc through the provision of the Xerox machines that copied banned messages. George Soros made great contributions in establishing and an international system that improved the state and brought good governance to the natural resource extraction industries.

As the chairman of the Open Society, George Soros reaches over 100 countries with his different charitable works. He has spent over $13 billion on various international philanthropic acts for the last 30 years, which aim at defending the human rights, improve the health care and education in the United States and other countries globally. Among the organizations that he supported include the International Crisis Group, the European Council on Foreign Relations, Global Witness, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Is Trump Operating Under Donor Influence?

Wasn’t it Donald Trump who said earlier on in his campaign that one of the differences between him and the other Republican candidates is that he is free from the influence of super PAC (political action committee) donor influence? Then why did he recently hire the man who is responsible for the creation of PACs?

David Bossie is the head of the conservative non-profit Citizens United, and now apparently Trump’s deputy campaign manager. Citizens United is the same group that won a Supreme Court ruling allowing for unlimited union and corporate donor spending as long as PACs remained independent of political parties.

The question is why would Trump now allow such groups to have control over his campaign management. Many political analysts believe it is because of Trump’s obsession to demolish Hillary Clinton’s credibility. Many Republicans have tried to do just that in the past but have met with lackluster results.

While there is nothing new about going after an opposing political party candidate, it is alarming that Trump is going back on his word that he would never come under the influence of “Big Money”, since he has deep pockets himself. This action might cause his own downfall instead of Hillary’s.

Boisse’s hiring does not necessarily signify that Trump is automatically under the sway of donor influences, but one has to wonder what the future direction of his presidential campaign will be because of it.

Before heading over to the Trump team, Boisse worked for a PAC group named Make America Number 1. This group is heavily funded by hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. This is the same guy who supported Senator Ted Cruz before Trump won the nomination. More interestingly, Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, ran a pro-Cruz super PAC for Mercer.

Mercer’s influence doesn’t just end with Boisse and Conway either. Trump’s present campaign chief, Stephen K. Bannon, was suggested for the position by Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of Robert Mercer. Whether Trump is oblivious to Mr. Mercer’s influence, which seems highly unlikely, or he is allowing it because he feels aligning himself with such support offers him the best possibility of success in the presidential election, it is clear that big money has entered the picture and started to set a definitive course for his campaign.

Does a Brexit Mean Change in the British Diet?

British voters will have an important decision to make very soon: should the UK withdraw from the European Union? Passions are running high and politicians are heating up their rhetoric. There’s much at stake, not least of all British eating habits.
Great Britain imports roughly 50% of its food from European Union countries, according to a recent news report from the BBC ( Some of the foods that form a staple in the British diet, such as bacon, are imported at an even higher rate.
For many in the food industry, a Brexit is going to mean a huge headache and some radical changes in procedure. The British Retail Consortium is currently warning that a “Brexit” (British exit from the EU) could cause a radical change for citizens of the UK. Not only would food prices go up as the result of the imposition of tariffs, but availability of many food items would be affected as well, since the European supply chain would be dislocated as new customs requirements and border regulations would have to be re-negotiated.
Some British food exporters, however, such as dealers in smoked salmon, have a more sanguine attitude toward leaving the EU. European suppliers of foods such as German sausages and Italian wines are more likely to adjust their prices in a positive way to allow greater sales with the UK, at least according to this view.
Whether a Brexit is a good or bad thing in the long run is still open for debate, as is the fate of that most iconic of quick British lunches, the bacon sandwich.