Goettl’s CEO, Ken Goodrich, Awards a Veteran with a Scholarship to Study in Southern Nevada College

Ken Goodrich, through Goettl Air Conditioning, released a $1000 fund to help veterans who want to enroll in college. Nick Hughes is one of the veterans who benefited from this fund. After Nick had ended his term as a navy seal, he was uncertain about the professional career he wished to pursue. Fortunately, he benefited from the $1000 fund and enrolled in Southern Nevada College to study an applied science course on air conditioning technology. Ken Goodrich also gave Nick a Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award for his service in the Navy.

Goettl Air Conditioning

Adam and Gust Goettl are the pioneers of Goettl Air Conditioners. They founded the company back in 1939 and moved it to Las Vegas Valley later in 1968. In 2007, the company underwent recession and moved to Southern Nevada. Ken Goodrich became the official owner of Goettl after purchasing it in 2013. He drew inspiration from his father’s air-conditioning business. He learned that when someone requires your help, it is your duty to respond immediately. Goodrich opened Goettl Air Conditioning’s first satellite office in his residence area, Las Vegas.


Goettl offers clients services such as commercial HVAC, air conditioning, and heating. Goettl’s air conditioning services include repair, maintenance, and replacement. Goettl’s personnel offer these services regularly to ensure that clients’ air conditioners are operating smoothly. The company’s commercial HVAC services apply to industrial facilities. The company also excels in offering heating services that include installation, repairing, and maintenance of furnaces and radiant heating devices.

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