The Giving Work of Betsy DeVos

There are a lot of people who give back to others. Over the course of her career, Betsy DeVos has done a great job of helping people get to the next level. She is passionate about a lot of things in life, but helping others has to be the thing that she is most passionate […]

Tips for Crafting a Successful Public Relation Pitch

The status labs is an online reputation management company that allows customers to engage the audience with convincing content to drive involvement and sales. From maximizing a digital footprint of the brand to image administration, status labs provide creative solutions customized to the unique requirements of a customer. The headquarters of Status Labs is in […]

The Business of Susan McGalla

Susan Mcgalla is an executive consultant who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania besides being a businesswoman. She has served in American Outfitters Eagles Inc. as the President and in Wet Seal as a Chief Executive Officer. In the business world, Susan P Mcgalla is a goddess. She is a career woman who has beaten all odds […]