OSI Group Discusses Importance of Sustainable Food Practices

The OSI Group, which is one of the leading food and beverage processors in the United States, has recently revealed important information with regards to the vital role of sustainable food processing methods. The company’s leaders released several informative documents describing the primary differences between the OSI Group’s food processing standards and traditional meat marketing processing standards.

The company revealed that many of the United States food is not being manufactured in a way that allows for optimal nutrition and safety-based measures to be implemented. The OSI Group stated that their company’s food processing measure’s were superior to methods often incorporated by traditional meat markets because OSI incorporates small-business practices, humane treatment of animals, and keen customer focus into its corporate sustainability policies.

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Use of Small-Business Practices

The executives of the OSI Group discussed the benefits of the company’s incorporation of small-business practices in an extremely large company. The CEO of the OSI Group revealed the the company was founded as a small, family-oriented business in 1909. The Chicago-based company was developed to serve Chicago families with farm raised food. As the company grew, the leaders decided that the small-business practices should continue because these practices were instrumental in the successful expansion of the OSI group.

Although the company currently has more than 60 facilities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific region, OSI’s executives have maintained a commitment to small-business principals and ideals in the operation of day to day practices.

Use of Humane Treatment of Animals

The OSI group’s commitment to small business practices and ideals led the company to continue to implement the use of humane animal treatment during the food manufacturing process. OSI’s executives stated that the benefits of the humane treatment of animals help the company to ensure that quality food is being delivered to its customs. Global food researchers have found that inhumane animal treatment, including the use of harsh antibiotics and steroids and crowded animal storage sites, promote dangerous chemicals that are present in the consumption of animal products.

By consuming these dangerous chemicals, citizens of the world are often exposed to a growing amount of food-related illnesses. Diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, and numerous other conditions have all been linked to the consumption of animals that were not properly grown and cared for. For this reason, the OSI group has maintained commitment to the humane and delicate treatment of animals. The food processing company uses the most strict food regulation standards in the Western hemisphere to produce fine meats.

Keen Customer Focus

The executives of the OSI Group also discussed the company’s commitment to excellent customer service. OSI has served customers faithfully since the early 1900s and executives from the company have expressed a sincere desire to find new and innovative ways to contribute to customer satisfaction. Representatives from the OSI Group have stated that the company is planning to release important information about the continuing expansion of the business into new global territories. The expansion is currently scheduled to begin in coming months.

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