Are You Obsessed With Healthy Eating? You May Have Orthorexia!

The importance of a well-balanced diet has become commonplace in today’s society. However, when people take healthy eating to the extreme, it causes an imbalance. Orthorexia is very common, these days, with the pressure to be healthy and the need to have a svelte physique. Do you suffer from this condition or know someone who does?


Healthy eating is the foundation of a good life. However, some people become obsessed with the need to be healthy and eat right. How do you know when you are in trouble? It runs along the lines of the same thought processes those with anorexia or bulimia have. Their eating habits, take over their life. What goes into the mouth and exercise becomes the main focus of life. Counting calories and watching fat grams becomes an addiction. There needs to be a healthy balance between the two.


When do you have a problem? According to an article on Eating Disorders Online, they state that when the need to be healthy interrupts the daily life then it is a problem. Having a normal dieting pattern is normal, but people who have Orthorexia have an unhealthy pattern that is doing more harm than good. For instance, some may lose more weight than what they should. A low weight is a hallmark sign of someone suffering from this condition. They eat too little and think too much about what they put in their mouth.


Those suffering from Orthorexia may find that a trip to the grocery store is overwhelming. While most people are concerned about dollars and cents, they are looking at calories and fat content. They may find very few things that fit into their approved eating plan. Some go as far as developing a fear of foods. They are afraid of what they put into their body for fear of what it will do to them.


Many people dealing with this issue won’t eat in a restaurant and refuse a home cooked meal. They must be able to calculate each calorie that goes into their mouth. The unwavering calorie count in home cooking would give them anxiety. So, how does a person keep from being obsessed about their weight? Stick to a diet plan that is at least 1,200 calories, but you should preferably stay around 2,000. The real problem occurs when people try to eat less and expect more from themselves.


If you start having an issue that borderline with an obsession about your eating habits, get help immediately. Those suffering from Orthorexia often have problems with anorexia and bulimia too. There are worse things than being overweight.