Orthopedic surgery refers to a type of surgery that deals with disorders that affect the muscles and the skeletons of the human body. There are different types of orthopedic surgeries. Discussed here are examples of common orthopedic surgeries.


ACL reconstruction.


ACL is an acronym for a medical term anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is essential to a human body as it stabilizes motion at the knee joint. Rupture of this ligament is corrected by the surgeon reconstructing the ACL either from one’s tissues or a donor tissue. After the reconstruction, screws are fit to maintain the new ligament.


Total joint replacement.


This procedure is performed in patients with either severe arthritis or patients experiencing severe joint pains. To correct this condition, surgeons use metal or plastic surfaces to construct an almost similar joint. Recovery usually takes time, but upon healing, the patient will resume his normal day activities without experiencing any joint pains.


Spine surgery


This surgery is a very complicated procedure since there are a variety of conditions that may result in spine complications. For instance, the case of severe back pains. Severe back pains usually impede activity of the patient, and therefore he cannot carry out his day to day activities.


Although there are several procedures, the most common method is the spine fusion. Spine fusion is a surgery whose purpose is to fuse two or more vertebrae of the lower back. Once the procedure is through, the pain alleviates with time and movement resumes to normal.


Gregg Finch.


In the medical world, Gregg Finch is a highly esteemed surgeon who has worked in different hospitals. Despite being known for his expertise in all aspects of spine surgeries, Gregg Finch is also an expert in various other fields of operations such as a trauma surgeon, disc herniation, spinal stenosis and spinal decompression.


Before all these successes, the embryonic stages of Gregg Finch’s career were in New Zealand. He worked in New Zealand as a spine surgeon. Later on, Gregg Finch moved to work in Shriners Hospital for Children. As of now, he serves as a member of the Spine Society of Australia.