Talk Fusion: A Comprehensive Marketing And Communication Tool That Allows You To Make Money

What Is Talk Fusion?

As a strategist, what drew me to Talk Fusion was the fact that is was created as a solution to a problem and not as a one-up against a competitor. In the early 2000s, the company’s CEO took a short video of a vacation house and wanted to email it to his mother. At the time, that wasn’t possible. Finding a way to do it ultimately became his inspiration for creating Talk Fusion.

In 2007, the company launched its flagship program, which was a simple video email service. As you might expect, that proved to be a very lucrative idea when the power of video marketing was discovered. Today, you can ask any marketer whether video or plain-text email will elicit a better response, and videos will be the answer.

The Talk Fusion program expanded to include other marketing tools such as video newsletters, live meetings, video chat and online signup forms. Although the company is located in a small community in the Tampa area and also started small, it quickly grew and is now used in 85 countries. It also ranks as one of the top 10 video creation products online.

Talk Fusion Performance Review

Overall, the program’s features operate well and it’s an intuitive platform. If you’re looking for a long-term reliable solution for marketing, this is how Talk Fusion measures up in several important areas.


The live meeting feature allows you to set up your presentation for an audience of less than 10 or up to 500. You can send out as few or as many video emails and newsletters as you wish. There are different levels of plans that accommodate different need levels based on volume.


Talk Fusion’s amazing scalability also means that it’s versatile. This is an added bonus if you’re looking for a program to use for a startup now and don’t want to invest more time or money implementing another program in the future when your business outgrows your initial service’s capabilities. Talk Fusion is a completely customizable solution for small, medium and large businesses.


Video Quality

The video quality in the chat and live meeting features is great. There is little to no lag if you use reliable streaming, and the picture quality is consistent. Another bonus is that the audio stays in sync with the visual product.

Ease Of Use

If you have five or 500 employees, one major benefit of Talk Fusion is that you won’t have to spend a fortune on training or implementation. The core of the company’s mission is to help you succeed. Talk Fusion’s program is full of features to help make video creation, content design, organization and management tasks easier.

For example, the library has several videos that are free to use. You can easily create your own videos as well, upload them from any device and organize them in your library. When it’s time to send them, simply drag the video into the newsletter or email and send it. Another bonus is that there are plenty of customized graphics for you to use in your correspondence. The simplified interface for video chat and live meetings allows you to set up face-to-face communications quickly and seamlessly.


You can set up meetings or video chat with anyone regardless of their device type and operating system. This eliminates those annoying delays or missed meetings that happen when you and your contacts have conflicting programs or devices. If you want to use the app to video chat, it’s available from Google Play or iTunes.


There are multiple pricing tiers, which start at only $25 per month. This is ideal for a small business or individual. For a larger business with complex needs, one of the top-tier plans will work better. They are based on your volume needs for video marketing tools and meeting sizes. Another great benefit of this program is its free 30-day trial, and you don’t have to enter any credit card information to test it. If you pick a plan, you can upgrade or downgrade at will without signing a contract.

Compensation Plan Review

Talk Fusion’s unique compensation plan pays you instantly instead of weekly or monthly. You can earn commissions from your team’s profits, and you can win bonuses such as a new Mercedes or a Rolex watch. With a team-focused earning plan, there is motivation for all team members to help each other succeed.


Talk Fusion Company Review

The company itself is as unique as the story that started it. Founder Bob Reina has a passion for charity and especially animal charities. In an interview with a local Tampa news station, he even stated that animal charities can use the program for free. These are some other points to consider.

Technical Support

If you have a technical issue, the company boasts world-class support. Your issues are resolved in a timely manner since others’ success depends on your success.

Marketing Support

There is also a great marketing support program. Other team members and mentors will always help you if you have questions or need encouragement. Also, the company itself provides plenty of helpful instruction.


If you are concerned about the legitimacy of Talk Fusion when considering the MLM program, rest assured that it is a reputable company. In addition to its charitable spirit, the company is fully accredited with DSA and DSEI.

Talk Fusion is a good all-inclusive suite of features for new and seasoned marketers. With the company’s global reach, you have a wider market and a wider network of support if you choose to join as a team member. It’s certainly worth the try, and its lack of a contract requirement is a powerful indicator of its usefulness.

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