Renown Health Opens New Clinic in Local Mall

Renown Health will be opening a new facility or clinic located at the Summit Mall in South Reno this fall. This new clinic will offer patients primary care services and has a lab to process tests when needed.

They want to provide a more comfortable setting for patients when they come into the office. Dr. McCormick says they designed the office to look like a home’s living room. It is supposed to look very comfortable. We have conference rooms to discuss patient cases. Changes will be made slowly to the clinic because of President Trumps proposed changes to healthcare.

This clinic currently has 11 members on staff. The architecture of the building was done by a firm called MBA Architects and Interior Designs. They used all local contractors to complete the new facility. The increased population in Northern Nevada provides a growing need for a new health care facility for local citizens. They have 12 clinics in this area.

Renown Health is a locally owned healthcare facility that has a network of labs, clinics, hospitals, primary care doctors and specialists. They provide local residents live with a wide array of services to help patients lead healthy lives. They have several labs that provide testing and appointments using mobile devices.

They have pediatric care for babies and children from birth to age 18. They provide services like vaccinations, physical exams, help with diabetes, allergies, asthma, colds, and other illness. They provide diagnostic imaging to help doctors make accurate diagnoses. These clinics provide tests for cancer and special treatments and programs for different types of cancer.

The Renown Network in Northern Nevada has pulmonary services for those patients that need treatment for their lungs. They treat patients with COPD, emphysema, asthma, and other conditions. Other specialties include heart, women health issues,and orthropedics. They offer families and individuals comprehensive health care

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