Is The Nutrtional Value Of Baby Carrots Less Than Regular Carrots?

Some people state and believe that “baby carrots” in supermarket store shelves are less nutritious than regular carrots. This simply isn’t true. First, let us explain what a baby carrot is and then look at its nutritional content.


A baby carrot is simply a carrot that has had its skin peeled off, washed and then chopped into smaller size pieces. If you were thinking that baby carrots came out of the ground like I used to, then that is a myth that has been busted for you right now. Furthermore, baby carrots are often made with sweeter tasting and thinner carrots in order to make them taste better and have a more finger food like texture.


So does a baby carrot contain less nutrients? Let us take a closer look. As with every carrot you will find in the supermarket, baby carrots are chock full of beta carotene. This is what gives them their orange color. Beta carotene is an anti-oxidant that protects cells in our bodies from damage from free radicals. It is also converted by our bodies into the essential nutrient, vitamin A. Vitamin A is absolutely vital for good skin, eye and immune system health. In fact, a deficiency of vitamin A can lead to skin diseases and even blindness as well as a high susceptibility to infections.


A single serving of baby carrots contains about 120% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A, 10% of vitamin C, another essential nutrient to good skin and immune system health and a few grams of fiber. While being chock full of nutrients, carrots have no fat fat and a single serving only has 35 calories. Compare that to certain pastries that may have up to 500 or more calories per slice!


The fact that baby carrots are peeled, may mean that some of the nutrients that were in the skin are lost. However this is a negligible amount of nutrients that are lost. Baby carrots are still a super food to eat when it comes to your health. One thing to keep in mind when buying and storing baby carrots is that they have a shorter lifespan. This is because they are peeled. They won’t keep as long as carrots with their skin. So if you buy baby carrots, eat them quickly or else they will dry up. Once they do they will lose their sweet taste and nutrients.