Salmonella Outbreak in BBQ Restaurant in NC

It is summertime and it is time to get the fun started. Many people are taking road trips and traveling to see friends and family. This means that more and more people are stopping to have a burger or BBQ sandwich along the way. I bet your thinking, what does that have to do with anything? Well, a lot of people do not think about the chances of them getting sick when go they go to a restaurant to eat, but it can definitely happen. According to Brad Reifler in this article, it is smart to take caution whenever you eat out to make sure that things seem kosher all around.

This is exactly what happened recently in Lexington North Carolina at a local barbecue restaurant. So far 216 people have been effected by the salmonella outbreak including one pregnant lady who was in her 3rd trimester. The restaurant is closed at this time and facing multiple lawsuits. Luckily there have been no fatalities but several individuals were hospitalized. The individuals affected were from several different local counties and 5 other states.