The Non Box Designer: Brian Bonar

Thinking is truly outside of the box, when describing the design imaginings and results of Bonar, the architect and Project Manager in Chief of MG2 Designs. To behold the forms and shapes of the large structures that he and his team have designed and constructed, the difference to previous designs of work is staggering.

The contours and curves that outline the edges of these designs are truly an award winning combination. Brian Bonar has lead the team in building for Costco Wholesale structures. Not only has he designed these buildings but he is the principal-in-charge of the entire Costco universe of retail centers and other related projects. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

Shopping at Costco will give people not only great prices on all types of merchandise but a real trip through the non boxy buildings with form as well as function, to enhance the shopping sojourn throughout the Costco empire.

Function is not a secondary thought when Brian Bonar focusses on the practical goals of these architectural projects. Purpose and performance of the building is just as important as appearance. Allowing an increase in proper and efficient use of space as well as lowering of total cost for construction play big roles in a Costco building plan.

For example, the exterior walls not only contain the borders of a facility, they also save bundles of money on energy consumption. The color and materials used for the roof, which result in reflected sunlight, keep the building moderated from high heat absorption during warm temperatures.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Working for Costco as a client gives a set of challenges for the design and construction project team that make outcomes such as ‘heat island effect’ on hot summer days a success with the particular roof and wall materials chosen for the energy efficient structures.

A stringent cost benefit analysis is always done and updated for the next Costco project so that improvements can be made on each new structure. The goal is cost savings at every turn yet using quality materials and solutions to arrive at those goals. This keeps the outcomes consistent for the company for the sake of its corporate ethos, which the world has become familiar with by way of its great global success as the third most profitable retailer on the planet.

The corporate expectations of this client that Brian Bonar has so adeptly satisfied over a great many building projects, reflect their fastidious awareness of high achievements. This means that everyone involved understands that even the smallest details have resounding effects so no stone is left unturned for making positive impact with each Costco outlet.

Shoppers will not only save and shop happily with the feeling of loyalty because of a great experience at these venues, they will feel a part of this theme while buying and supporting its constantly evolving solutions based warehouse architectural improvements.