Helping Dallas Citizens to Have Their First Home

Nexbank knows that one of the deepest longings of many individuals is to own their first home. In Dallas, Texas, there is a lot of fine real estate, which is at a price the average person cannot afford. Dallas Neighborhood Homes specializes in making sure that low income residents of Dallas have a nice place to stay.

Nexbank is happy to partner with Dallas Neighborhood Homes in providing financial capital for this venture. Often, low income residents need money, and that is where having a non-profit mortgage can be of huge assistance. Nexbank likes to help its community, by raising funds for college students, providing a safe capital foundation, or through getting into real estate deals.

Habitat for Humanity plays a role in this ongoing beneficial process. Financial counseling services are featured, where Dallas residents can go and chat about their needs. Nexbank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes than do the hard work of getting a solution that fits the resident’s current financial profile. Mark Tribuna, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Operations of Habitat for Humanity was delighted, “We’re very grateful to NexBank for helping to make affordable home ownership a reality for so many people who need it.”

Nexbank is the bank of choice for residents of Dallas. With three bank branches, commercial, mortgage, and investment, Nexbank meets the diverse financial needs of the Dallas community. Nexbank has been around for 94 years, and they look forward to spending another century helping people become the happy and successful individuals they are supposed to be.

Nexbank has an A+ rating from Mybanktracker, and they are hoping to uphold their quality reputation in all their future business deals. Nexbank is an innovative investing institution. Philanthropy is one of their top priorities, because they understand that helping the community helps their business growth model.

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