Livio Bisterzo and Green Park launch Hippeas

Seeking innovation in healthy snack category, entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo has created brand Hippeas, a snack that is not only a healthier choice but also delivers big on taste. It’s just delicious! Made mainly with chickpea flour, Hippeas introduce a new format and a new exciting product to the snack aisle. Many consumers have taken notice, and the brand is becoming fast accepted in the USA and on a global scale.


Bisterzo decided to partner with a food innovation corporation to develop a better for you product that people would like enjoy as much as conventional snacks. After many attempts with development variations of the product, Hippeas was born. The delicious snack is not only a much healthier choice , but a great healthier alternative to want to snack and binge on.


At the time of this writing Hippeas come in six different flavors.


Still even more amazing, is the ability to find a snack food that is both popular and socially responsible. Hippeas manages to deliver all three, and prides itself on being a healthy alternative to the fat-filled, salt ridden snack foods.

Livio Bisterzo and his company, Green Park are on a mission: to bring healthier, more nutritious, and more delicious snacks to the category. Hippeas could very well be the beginning of one of the most exciting and fun brands that has hit the market in the last decade.


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Bonn Óir Irish-American vodka brings a traditional recipe to the US

Thinking of Irish-American’s may not see many people think initially of the development of vodka, but the O’Shevlin family are bringing their own Irish-American vodka brand to the bars and stores of the US. A three generation old recipe is used to produce the Bonn Óir Gold Medal vodka that is available with a 40 percent alcohol level and a crisp flavor infused with soft white wheat and glacial waters. The Spirit Business explains the launch of the brand comes after the grandson of Bonn Óir recipe creator Philip Joseph O’Shevlin II with the help of entrepreneur Marc Sparks have worked to bring this traditionally Irish recipe to the people of the US.

Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital are the financial backers of this Irish-American vodka startup, which sees the investment company continue its tradition of backing new companies and individual entrepreneurs. The Bonn Óir brand will launch with three recipes initially available for those who want to explore the flavors of Irish-American vodka. Alongside the Gold Medal traditional vodka recipe a Lite version will also be offered that has just 40 calories a serving. Finally, the brand is looking to add a little spice to the vodka market with the Irish Fire recipe that adds cinnamon to the recipe for a unique flavor. Those who want to mark their Irish heritage with a traditional vodka recipe or those who just love vodka are being targeted as potential customers of this new vodka brand.