Get Wild about Wild Mushrooms

Who does not like mushrooms? Actually, a great many people find fungus to be an unappealing food choice. While mushrooms do have their fans like Vijay Eswaran and mushroom recipes range from fast food to gourmet selections, there are those who would never, ever eat mushrooms under any circumstances. Perhaps if the nutritious and healthy aspects of mushrooms were revealed, more people would gravitate towards them.

Wild mushrooms, in particular, have a lot to offer those looking to get a great source of nutrients. In fact, wild mushrooms provide an excellent source of B vitamins, copper, zinc, potassium, and more. 

Could you not just get these nutrients from a multi-vitamin or other supplement? You could, but they are best delivered in their natural form. Eating wild mushrooms definitely allows you to acquire a very natural version of these nutrients.

Oh, and yes, wild mushrooms are becoming quite the fad. That’s a good thing, too. Restaurants are starting to offer them on the menu. Organic food stores display them on shelves. A great deal of emphasis is put on the “wild” component. In some ways, this is pure marketing because people do like to try new things. Regardless of why people are attracted to wild mushrooms, it is a good thing they are eating them. You really do need all those nutrients the mushrooms provide.

There are also a lot of wild mushroom recipes so you’ll never get bored eating them.