Hacks For Multitasking Kitchen Tools

Cooking is something most people do pretty much everyday. We are all looking for shortcuts and ways to make things easier, and even ways to create kitchen multitaskers. Here’s a great list of hacks for some of your most common kitchen needs.

Forget the expensive bench scraper, it’s often just a unitasker that costs money and takes up space. After you chop your veggies simply flip the knife over and use the unsharpened side of the blade as a food scraper to remove food from your cutting board.

Juicers are often found in kitchens. They can be bulky, expensive, and unnecessary. Instead of reaching for a juicer, grab your handy kitchen tongs instead. The long handle keeps your hands free and clean from juices while also providing great leverage so you can get every last bit of juice out of your citrus. This tip works best with limes and lemons, but it can still work great with orangs as well. If you are worried about pits, juice your fruit over a coffee filter that will allow the juice to freely flow through while catching all the pits.

Everyone has seen fancy cakes and deviled eggs, both are often made with a fancy piping bag and tips. While it’s a fun tool to use, it’s not necessary. Instead, slide your frosting or egg filling in a zip top bag, snip one of the bottom corners off the bag and proceed to pipe away. If you require something more fancy, tips can be purchased and inserted in zip top bags for fancy piping techniques.

We’ve all seen the fancy spirals or shreds of chocolate on cakes and other desserts. It looks difficult, but it can be done at home with a simple device almost everyone has in their kitchen. Simply grab your veggie peeler and carefully shave off bits of chocolate. This also works for fancy large shreds of hard cheeses like parmesan.

These are simply a few hacks to make your time in the kitchen easier. Declutter and save yourself a few bucks with tools that multitask in your cook space. For more tips head over to this article at Huffington Post.