Men’s Shoe Fashions Are Based On A Cold Winter This Year

It’s hard to put a men’s fashion shoe line together for fall every year. Designers don’t know what the weather will look like. Last year there weren’t enough boots in the men’s fashion marketplace, and this year designers decided to correct that error. Men’s shoe fashions for fall are not just shoes. There are more boots than ever before, and those boots range from the sleek tailored classic wingtip to a version of a women’s UGGs boot for men. Not a lot of men understand UGGs boots, but the trendsetters do, and that’s what counts to designers. Shoe designers know that successful men’s fashion trends don’t disappear after one season. They usually last for at least two seasons and possibility more.

The other hot men’s items this year are lug sole military boots with a dressy upper finish, UGGs slippers, ankle high dress boots in rick browns and black, and let’s not forget dress loafers with or without gores. The lug sole wingtip dress shoe is fashionable especially in colder climates and so is the fleeced lined, fur collar, lug sole, moc- toe boot. But men are buying classic dress shoe again, and this time those classics are made on long lasts with narrow and flat toes. Calfskin is back with a vengeance this year, and so are leather soles. Men that understand fashion and quality are willing to pay for it. That’s why Paul Evans Footwear is becoming a force in the better grade men’s show business.

Paul Evans Italian shoes offers men a chance to but a quality pair of shoes that fit and are designed for comfort and versatility. Pau Evans designs are made in a factory in the South of Italy the old fashion way. Each shoe is handcrafted from the designs created in New York by Paul Evans designers. Every shoe is inspected before it is shipped directly to the customer. There’s no need to go to store after store looking for fashion men’s footwear anymore. Men that know about Paul Evans discover unprecedented fashion footwear that can withstand the test of time and be worn season after season.

The best thing about this year’s men’s styles is the comfort factor. All brands are making comfortable dress and casual shoes and boots for men this fall. Casual active wear has crossed over into the dress category and men are developing their own look because of that trend. But trends don’t last long unless the footwear is designed with a certain styling touch. The designers at Paul Evans have that touch. The Paul Evans fall line is a good example of the new classics that will be around season after season. Being around season after season is the key to the fashion business.