Is It The End of the Big Mac? McDonalds Re-evaluates Menu

The debate over fast food has been going on for years. One sandwich from a local eatery can have more than 20 grams of fat and 600+ calories. Has all of the talk about fast food being bad for you, really started to sink in? According to an article It seems that when dealing with the millennial crowd, only one out of five has ever tasted a Big Mac. In fact, McDonalds fears that it may be the end of the famous burger. What has caused the huge shift?


The fast food industry has a bit of competition these days. Places like Panera, Five Guys Burger and Fries, and Chipotle are allowing customers to have more home style, cooked food quick. That means that they can have a better product for about the same price. Even if it is a bit more out of pocket, people are willing to pay the extra cost for freshness. Let’s also not forget that places like Panera offer fresh salads and plenty of choices for things that are healthy. Sure, McDonalds has posted the calorie content and offers some low-calorie options, but they cannot even compare to Panera. Are people tired of fast food and their high fat, high-calorie products?


It’s no secret that McDonalds has been having a hard time financially. Their sales for the Big Mac have really stagnated over the past two years. The CEO resigned because of financial woes, and the sales caused them to launch the new all-day breakfast menu. This tactic to help increase revenues seems to be working. Though some may argue that McDonalds they have changed. They are not as kid oriented and family friendly as they once were. Remember the famous Ronald McDonald and the McDonald Land Characters? They have been long gone. Happy Meals once were served in a box with great toys that everyone collected. Now, they give junky toys and throw the kids a paper bag with their meal in it.


For the past decade, nutritionists have told people to stay away from fast food establishments. Those who have a diet laden in these burgers and fries often have the thighs and stomach to prove it. Even if McDonalds tried to turn back the hands of time and be more family friendly, too much has been exposed for them to gain the reputation they once had. It seems that people are not so interested in high-fat burgers made with tons of fillers.

McDonald’s Decides It’s Time for a Revamp of Chicken McNuggets

The food produced by McDonald’s continues to produce billions in revenue for the company, despite a shift in philosophy of many people toward healthier alternatives. Those purchasing this food know that a good portion of it is relegated to being dubbed as junk food.

To counter that belief, McDonald’s latest approach is focusing on a number of specific menu items, including Chicken McNuggets. The main focus by the company is directed at eliminating at least a portion of the preservatives that it’s been using for decades, with at least half of the menu under this new directive.

The sandwich buns used to make its iconic hamburgers and other meals will now use be using sugar when making them, as opposed to high-fructose corn syrup. Such a move isn’t necessarily seen as a healthier step forward, but the company will also address the preservative issue with a number of its breakfast items. That issue has the potential to become more important due to the company’s decision over the past year to make breakfast food available all day long.

When McDonald’s was first asked about the shift a few months ago, it only noted that such plans were simply a test. Two of the things they have admitted that will disappear from the Chicken McNuggets are the tongue-twisting preservative, tert-Butylhydroquinone, which is used in the oil, and sodium phosphates. The latter item may get noticed more quickly, since it has been used to keep the chicken pieces making up the product moist.

Can Toasted Buns Save McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has been desperately trying to entice consumers to buy their food since their sales faced a serious drop over last year’s numbers. For several years now the burger chain has been ailing, they are closing around 700 locations world-wide this year as a result according to Handy on the Itunes. They have brought out new artisan sandwiches, mini bundt cakes, and announced that they will cease using chicken and dairy treated with human antibiotics all in an effort to improve their public image. Their newest lackluster attempt at positive change is to toast their buns for 5 whole seconds longer. While that is surely a positive act, it seems a pittance compared to what McDonald’s needs to do to turn around their company. To many it just seems like they are out of good ideas. Seriously, warming their buns is not going to make that big of a difference and that is why their newest announcement is positively laughable.

McDonald’s To Shut Down Hundreds Of Stores

The very negative earnings report of the McDonald’s corporation has led to a sad and predictable result. A significant number of stores are going to close says source Bulletproof Coffee (check out their wikipedia). In fact, hundreds of McDonald’s stores are going to shutter their windows. A decline in sales has hit the U.S. market severely. Sales in other parts of the world are also doing poorly. A new plan is being devised to help reverse the troubled trend. Unfortunately, the losses experienced by McDonald’s is forcing the closure of stores.

Not everyone is a fan of the fast food industry and some might herald the closing of the stores as good news. It is not. A lot of people are going to lose their jobs and health benefits. As more stores shutter, jobs end up becoming scarce. Fast food restaurants are often the places in which teenagers procure their first time jobs. While the pay is not high, the valuable experienced gained sets the stage for future employments. Older persons look towards McDonald’s as a viable source of employment and the low wages still provide an income.

The fast food industry is changing. While McDonald’s lost 11%, Taco Bell rose by 6% and Chipotle Mexican Grill saw a nearly 10.5% increase. Healthier food options combined with the image of McDonald’s being outdated is not helping things. Can McDonald’s turn things around? The possibility does exist and, hopefully, the new CEO can deliver results.