Super Sized or Mini Sized What Would You Choose?

If its not one extreme it is the other. The fast food company McDonalds was popular for their super sized meals. Those meals have been gone quite some time now, in its place is something much much different. Mini meals are about to be found on menus around the United States.

These meals come in five different hamburger options, one of which is new and called the Signature burger. This new burger is topped with white cheddar, tomato, lettuce, and Dijon mustard all found on a potato bun. Along with the burger you get a small fry and drink.

These mini meals might sound like the better option to those of you trying to watch your intake. But, these meals are anything but mini when it comes to calories. Just one of these meals equal half your daily calorie intake. They range anywhere between 660 calories to 880. Of course, as with everything there are substitution to help lower that count, such as apples instead of fries. That is up to you to play with.

Techcrunch recently suggested to the team at Freedompop that this is just one of the moves that McDonalds is trying, in an attempt to save their quickly declining reputation. The CEO states that they are working to improve their quality and getting back to the brand that everyone once loved.