We Can Expect A Lot From FreedomPop In The Upcoming Years

Nothing makes me happier than hearing of a success story about a new company. FreedomPop is one of the companies that I have heard about recently, and it amazes me how far they have come since offering their free mobile services. They are a company that is completely unique from all of their competitors, and they are one that everyone should be watching, as they are sure to go on to do even bigger things in the upcoming days.

USA Today reports that FreedomPop had offers to sell out their company, recently, but they were doing so well for themselves that they decided against it. And I believe that that is the smartest decision that they could have made. There was no reason for them to give up when they are doing as good as they are at the moment. Instead of selling, FreedomPop took in a new round of funding and they were able to earn over $30 million. That’s a lot of money, and it is enough to keep them going, and to allow them to try some new, exciting thing.

Everyone who uses FreedomPop loves the company, and I am sure that wherever they go next will be great for them. They are a company that I can see expanding in the future and taking over the mobile service industry. They were brave to start off as unique as they were, and they have proved themselves to be brave, once again, when they refused the money that they could have gotten for selling out their company.

When a company is as brave and ambitious as FreedomPop is, then I can know that they are going to do some pretty great things. They have already expanded quite a bit, and I know that they will continue to do so in the upcoming years.